From October through December, join us for some quick 20-minute webinars about new and exciting products from our featured lighting manufactures. Each webinar is offered multiple times to fit your schedule.

aaline logo

Aaline Architectural Lighting and Acoustics is a Canadian lighting manufacturer. Explore the competitive advantage of local manufacturing and reliance on domestic resources; from shorter lead-times to a reduced carbon footprint.

Featuring AALINE's Linear Continuous Series - This collection offers a wide range of customizations from material selection and exterior colour to LED engine and controls. First in its class with boosted performance and integrated programmable sensors to accommodate on-demand responsive lighting as well as Bluetooth Mesh controls for more advanced commissioning. The Linear Continuous Series is also available with of our proprietary upgrades such as carved visors for reduced glare and Fenix NanoTech laminates.

Available Sessions

  • October 21 @ 11 AM
  • November 25 @ 11 AM
anp logo

ANP Lighting, a leading manufacturer of decorative pedestrian and roadway scale lighting and warehouse-inspired RLM fixtures, will be presenting their new contemporary RLM shades and latest Architectural Site Lighting designs and technology. Their innovative products offer both classic and unique shapes with a variety of sizes.

Webinar will review:

  • New Contemporary RLM Spun Shades
  • New MetalFabric Shades
  • EQ Post Top and Light Column Collection
  • Legacy Fixtures with Light Guide Panel Technology

  • Available Sessions

    • November 18 @ 11 AM
    • December 16 @ 11 AM
    astro logo

    Since 1997, Astro Lighting's Founders John Fearon and James Bassant, have shared a commitment to British lighting with the joint design philosophy that good design demands simplicity. Astro creates lighting that is contemporary yet timeless, believing that every design should be made to last. It has been Astro's ethos from the very beginning. Futureproofed by design, timeless, pared-down aesthetics are what Astro is known for and their luminaires can be seen within design projects across the globe.

    Available Sessions

    • November 2 @ 11 AM
    • November 30 @ 11 AM
    axolight logo

    Join us and Mike Miner, VP of Sales at Axolight, for a presentation on design in the workplace and the effects of art on productivity. Explore ways in which designers can incorporate design using functional lighting. How can we utilize colour, shape, material and other features that fall into the context of art in the workplace?

    Featured lighting pieces will include:

  • Pivot
  • Bell
  • Urban
  • U-Light

  • Available Sessions

    • October 22 @ 11 AM
    • November 26 @ 11 AM
    bk logo

    B-K Lighting is a manufacturer of high quality, innovative landscape and architectural lighting products made proudly in the USA since 1984. Join us, Ryan Berrios, National Sales Manager, Samantha Dickinson, Regional Sales at B-K Lighting for a presentation on their latest products.

    New Products will include

  • Yukon Commercial Direct and Indirect Step Light
  • Yukon Commercial Bollard
  • Union Commercial Bollard
  • Hume High Performance Floodlight
  • Rio Floodlight
  • Square Delta Star Floodlight
  • Square Litestick Pathlights

  • Available Sessions

    • November 4 @ 11 AM
    • December 9 @ 11 AM
    beta-calco logo

    Beta-Calco is a manufacturer of performance driven, commercial architectural light designs. In 1998, Dale Konrath, VP of Sales, started his journey with this Canadian based, internationally renowned company. Join Dale as he shares his unique understanding of Beta-Calco's capabilities and the innovative designs they have recently released. Discussions will cover but not limited to:

  • Le Louvre
  • Ooooh
  • Matrex

  • Available Sessions

    • October 26 @ 11 AM
    • November 16 @ 11 AM
    dals logo

    You are invited to discover DALS lighting products offering unique and trendy solutions at an excellent value. Martin Leguerrier, the National Sales Manager at DALS will introduce you to the four main product categories offered, the most popular products by category and he will guide you to find the essential resources to help you achieve your lighting designs and stay up to date with the latest product launches!

    Available Sessions

    • October 28 @ 11 AM
    • December 2 @ 11 AM
    karice logo

    Join us and KARICE LIGHTING for a presentation where we explore KARICE’s innovative custom lighting installations. Award-winning standard products – all of which are customizable will be featured. Learn how KARICE partners with designers world-wide to produce creative concepts with efficiency and excellence. All products are designed, engineered and fabricated locally at KARICE’s state-of-the-art facility near Vancouver, BC. A trusted custom-build resource in the A&D community since 1993, KARICE is proud of their highly personalized approach and seamless collaboration process. From napkin sketches to final commissioning, and everything in between - if you can dream it, KARICE can help you realize it!

    Available Sessions

    • November 5 @ 11 AM
    • December 10 @ 11 AM
    klik logo

    Join us and KLIK USA for a meeting on how to achieve your design goals with KLIK USA’s creative lighting solutions. From their smart lighting pods for handrail, to their downlighting product line, to your wet-rated linear needs, KLIK USA has the entire package. Environmentally focused, KLIK products use the latest lamp technologies, recyclable aluminum housings and flexible placement options, allowing you to reduce energy use while delivering aesthetically pleasing results.

    Featured Products

  • LEDpod
  • LEDpod XL
  • Mistik
  • EKKO

  • Available Sessions

    • October 19 @ 11 AM
    • November 23 @ 11 AM
    ocl logo

    OCL provides thoughtful sustainable solutions that deliver artistry in light. OCL is one with the design community. The participants will be able to experience the unmistakably refined product quality to create lasting aesthetic.

    Elena Kushinskaya is a regional sales manager for OCL Architectural Lighting. Her presentation will include a product overview of the OCL’s new standard products and mention the company’s custom capabilities.

    Available Sessions

    • November 15 @ 11 AM
    • December 6 @ 11 AM